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Texas Ortho Spine Center is an outstanding resource for all kinds of spinal conditions. Led by Rubin Bashir, MD, the Houston, Texas, practice offers a wide range of spine health services, including top-quality orthopedic spine surgery.

Dr. Bashir brings more than 13 years of experience to his practice. He underwent extensive education and training at some of the nation’s top universities. He is dedicated to delivering personalized care and takes the time to get to know patients and fully understand their needs and treatment goals.

The Texas Ortho Spine Center team offers the latest surgical tools and techniques. But conservative treatment is always the preferred approach. Dr. Bashir completes thorough exams and digital imaging to determine if a nonsurgical solution is possible.

When Dr. Bashir determines that spine surgery is the best treatment, patients can rest assured that they are in the best hands. Dr. Bashir explains all treatments and does many surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. Patients are supported throughout their recovery to get them back on their feet and into the swing of their daily routines as quickly as possible.

Services include disc replacement surgery, balloon kyphoplasty, spinal fusion, and microdiscectomy. Treatments are available for the spine’s cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas. Patients suffering from sciatica, back pain, leg pain, neck pain, and spinal stenosis can find relief through the advanced treatments Dr. Bashir offers.

Texas Ortho Spine Center offers physical therapy, acupuncture, and drug therapy. Dr. Bashir believes there is a treatment path for every need, from numbness to a herniated disc, and works closely with patients to find the best possible approach.

Referrals from other medical professionals are always appreciated. But the Texas Ortho Spine Center team finds it especially rewarding that so many patients come to the practice at the urging of their friends and family who’ve had an outstanding experience with Dr. Bashir and his team. Some even travel internationally to have Dr. Bashir take care of their spine health needs.

Call Texas Ortho Spine Center today or make an appointment online to access the top-quality spine care offered by Dr. Bashir.


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    Dr. Bashir graduated with honors from Howard University. He received his Medical Doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine where he also graduated with honors. He finished a five-year orthopaedic surgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh, then moved to San Francisco to complete a spinal surgery fellowship with the San Francisco Spine Institute/Spinecare Medical Group.

    Dr. Bashir is trained in all aspects of operative and non-operative management of degenerative spinal disease, spinal stenosis, neck and back pain, and herniated disks...

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Rubin Bashir is a very pleasant, knowledgeable and conscientious doctor."

    Syd G.
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    "Been dealing with this pain over 7 years and Dr.Bashir jumped right on it. I feel like a new person."

    Stacey B.
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    "Dr. Bashir is by far the best Doctor i have ever met yet till this day. His services are awesome, friendly, and he has free coffee in the waiting..."

    Danny G.
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    "Dr. Bashir is always kind & personable and his staff very professional."

    Jacqueline M.


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